Team CBS Philly Marketing

Sara Visomirski, Creative Services Director

Sara traded sunny Miami for Kansas City, Dallas and now Philadelphia. How can a person who is so busy with work and a young family be so well read? We’re still trying to figure that out. She’s funny, she’s focused and she leads by example.

Mark Olson, Brand Manager

Mark Olson is an Emmy-award winning writer, producer and editor with mad skills with All Things Creative. We know he’s cool because he uses “Yelp” and writes words like “sitch” in his e-mails. The only thing Mark is better at than his job is raising his son Gunnar (who he wanted to name Axel but his wife said no). Mark likes sweaters.

Leanne Hinkle, Executive Producer

After graduating from the University of Scranton, Leanne unleashed her talents on the world of television and radio. When she’s not following Green Day she is one of the most talented producers on the team. Leanne got her start in radio and her love of music is downright infectious. She is smart, organized and an asset to any project large or small.

Donald Stanton Jr., Executive Producer

World traveler, oatmeal aficionado, green tea addict. He worked for CBS television in Los Angeles before returning to his hometown of Philadelphia. Don is a resident of Old City and likes to tell people that Ben Franklin was his neighbor 200 years ago. Don writes, produces and directs commercials with aplomb.

Mark Bertolino

Graphic Design. Mark has panache and joie de vivre. His work is meticulous and his talent is undeniable. He’s one of those people who always does the right thing and somehow it’s not annoying. Fun Fact: His Dad designed the Sunoco sign.

John Blanda

John is a producer and writer with exceptional skills. From the first draft to the final cut he brings professional acumen to all of his projects. Did we mention that he edits too? It’s hard to keep up with everything he’s working on. He is also a proud graduate of Temple University. Fun fact: John is a life long Yankee fan living in a Phillies world. He is such a nice person you can’t possibly hate him for it

Dan DelPrato

A world class editor with more than 2 decades of television experience.  He is also a formidable camera man.  Shooting and editing are his trade — but trains and greyhound rescue are his abiding passions.  Dan’s two young sons share those passions and he is a dedicated family man.

Jeff McCloskey

Jeff is a published illustrator. His book about animal adoption is brilliant and funny. He can do it all as a designer. He knows the technology but even more important: he knows what looks good. Jeff loves Frank Zappa, indie movies, and of course his lovely wife. He also had a pet pig before George Clooney.

Bill Ng

Bill runs. Bill runs a lot. Bill is a fabulous graphic designer. Bill will make you smile. Bill will make you love what he’s working on.

Veronica Rubio

Also an alum of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Veronica is every bit the modern woman.  She has the paint ball bruises to prove it.  A gifted designer, she also brings humor and good old fashioned fun to all of her endeavors.

Craig Ruxton

Honored athlete, surfer, fisherman and musician. What he doesn’t know about the television business isn’t worth knowing. He is a gifted, award winning editor and shooter. He’s worked with every big actor and athlete in the last quarter century. If Final Cut ever makes an editing machine for boats — we will never see him again.